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String up my brother and box his stupid ears
Why does this make me feel so wonderful?
No more will I suffer at his unfeeling feet

He must never say I am the perfect feline companion
Nip him always
And cough up a hairball on his nose

Crazy little boy pounced
This is a little poetry that appeared on the refrigerator one day. It was obviously from the cat to my brother. I don't think he's noticed it yet. Sometimes I wonder which of them is smarter.

By the way, you can see my brother at :iconmanticoreslaysall:

The cat does not have a dA account.
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eldestmuse Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
I think the commentary was funnier than the poem XD

Not that the poem was bad. The commentary was just that awesome.
kuroinami Featured By Owner May 20, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
*giggles* Well thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed my little bit of humor :D
dumahdie Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:XD: That's cute. And awesome. And adorable. :heart: lol~
kuroinami Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe, glad you liked it^^
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