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Chapter 10
Chapter Ten:  Dialogue (Or the villains complain about their lack of screen time)
“So, what’s it been, five chapters since we’ve been heard from?”  Dejwin asked lazily as he looked over the kitchen table at the minions who were currently playing with his daughter.
“Nine chapters, thirty seven thousand, one hundred and two words,”  One of the minions replied bleakly.
“No, that’s not quite true,” Another interjected, “There was a brief cameo in chapter four about seven thousand words after our last mention.”
“Seven thousand, one hundred and fifty five years,” the first one corrected with a sigh, “Which means it’s only been seven chapters and twenty nine thousand, nine hundred forty seven words since the last time we got to be in the novel.”
“This is ridiculous!” Dejwin exploded, “There should be a rule or something that you have to check in with the bad guys every
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Chapter 9 and a half
Chapter Nine Part Two (Because it was just getting too large with only one part):  Incoming!  (or a basic lesson in quest magic)
Everyone looked at Parry like she had two heads.  Their collective gaze was so intense that she actually checked to make sure.  Nope, only one.
“Did you see the bridge when Tsidu and Dirwe went across?!” Cin demanded, catching her attention again.  “It couldn’t take one more person, let alone a whole line of them!”
“Really, has the rain started leaking into your head, or is there something you’re not telling us?”  Dirwe chimed in.
When it had become obvious that they were going to ramble for a bit, Parry had started on her knitting again.  Now, at the pause she looked up.  “It’s a foot bridge.”
“Obviously!” Cin replied, rolling his eyes, “That doesn’t explain what you were, or in this case weren’t, thi
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Today We're All Hokies
There are some days you'll remember forever
this one, this day not so long ago
I remember it like it was but yesterday
and in a sense, it kind of was
The world seemed to stop that day,
just as it stopped again today,
as we remember the horror
the terror, heart ache, and devastation
Helpless, we were so close
and yet we could do nothing
nothing but watch with fear
praying it was a dream, knowing otherwise
Today a bell tolled thirty three times
The air silent, even the birds stopped
their songs hushed in respect for the dead
So once again, today we are all Hokies
:iconkuroinami:kuroinami 0 4
From the Cat
String up my brother and box his stupid ears
Why does this make me feel so wonderful?
No more will I suffer at his unfeeling feet
He must never say I am the perfect feline companion
Nip him always
And cough up a hairball on his nose
Crazy little boy pounced
:iconkuroinami:kuroinami 2 4
A Friendly Dwarf :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 2 0 Smati Colored :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 0 0 Happy Valentine's Day 2008 :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 6 Another View of Smati :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 6
Aria of St. Francis
Aria of St. Francis
By: Myron and Kuroinami
Yon wintry fowl now gaze upon the mark of youth,
Half-set in joy and risen in heart his song.
Who would expect such reason to hold, uncouth?
Thus to flight his wings, azure, shall long.
His call, lost breath, as fierce to Want as flame,
Her breast impassioned with rhythm untold,
So taut the charged sweetness that keep her name,
And in this day with mate together hold.
The blossom free from crafting self will fall.
In autumn light recall the spring now gone.
Enrapt with native dreams, the shame of all,
Wrought with age, the bird awaits the ancient Dawn.
Hide, dull plumage, against the winter snow,
Ghost song renewed in Spring’s fair youthful glow.
:iconkuroinami:kuroinami 0 2
Helixa :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 26 Ceiro and Opal :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 0 4 Mariposa and Tyrol :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 6 Ellen :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 4 Halloween 2 :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 1 25 Halloween 2007 :iconkuroinami:kuroinami 0 8
Chapter 9
Chapter Nine: A Bridge too Far (Or how knitting can save your life.)
The next morning was hard on most of the group.  For one thing, hangovers are nasty business, and for another, that storm that had started the night before was starting to flood the town!  Though they stumbled down the stairs, the heroes knew what they needed to do and were already strapping on their gear, weapons, and other essentials.  Parry had also started knitting frantically in a much wider stitch than she normally used.
Cin and Feiskar started to organize the people that were milling about outside the tavern (the people knew that a group of adventurers were inside and were counting on the fact that they would not run away and leave the helpless townspeople to their own devices.)  Luckily for the people of the town, these were indeed true heroes (or substitute heroes, but that is just a technicality), and they would not leave a soul behind.  Those without a soul,
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Random Favourites

Purple Dreams :iconhallow2:Hallow2 112 71 Atem :icontemoc:temoc 19 68
It's the sweet bird song that no one hears
It matters not how lovely the tune
If it reaches not their ears
What does it matter?
It's the oil painting of a forest
Tucked away in the back of a room
Lost amidst the grand portraits and sunsets
A loveliness no one sees
It's the simple garnet
Next to a diamond
Semi-precious and not worth taking
A second glance at
So it hangs in the air
Rests on the wall
Lays on the pedestal
And collects dust
A thick layer streaked
By tears
Such is the nature of love unrequited.
:iconladyshadowblade:LadyShadowblade 4 11
PA VS SA :iconblackrow:BlacKrow 4 81
Earth Mother
Earth Mother
She is the rock to whom many cling
Drowning in their crying so you can't hear her sing
Tears of blood trickle from sad brown eyes
Dying from the venom in all of their lies
Always comforter
Never comforted
Hides behind this painted smile
That she pretends is real
Needing air
But never reaching the surface
Masquerades her pain behind her guile
Earth Mother eroding away
Useless apologies of wasted time
"What about this heart of mine?"
Exhausted soul and nothing remains
Cycles again, always the same
Always comforter
Never comforted
Hides behind this painted smile
That she pretends is real
Needing air
But never reaching the surface
Masquerades her pain behind her guile
Earth Mother eroding away
Earth Mother is searching for a hand to hold
So many good hearts pulling her into black abyss
She shivers, waits, this rock is cold
Reaching out for warm unburdened bliss
Always comforter
Never comforted
Hides behind this painted smile
That she pretends is real
Needing air
But never reac
:iconladyshadowblade:LadyShadowblade 1 1
Green and stars pt 1 :icondragon-hacker:Dragon-Hacker 8 4 Wallpaper :icondragon-hacker:Dragon-Hacker 141 34 Cochise :iconelementofsuprize:elementofsuprize 9 15 17 - The Star :iconpuimun:puimun 2,029 176 Day came and they left planet :iconswaroop:Swaroop 539 145 Contrasting wonder :iconsneakyvh:SneakyVH 1 2 Eden 1 - The Real Eden :iconcooperad:cooperad 2 0 Gevatter Mond :iconcouscou:Couscou 1 1


The Oracle :icondahlig:dahlig 28,460 2,526 Pandora :icondahlig:dahlig 21,716 2,651 Run, run, run... :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 4,881 617 Fairy Song :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 10,905 1,348 MoonGoddess :icondahlig:dahlig 13,152 1,479 Azhrarn :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 15,073 1,568 Her Silent Silhouette :iconarcipello:arcipello 38,574 4,137


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So, I know a couple of you might be interested in my current works, projects, etc.  Since I've already been published once and am hoping for more, I probably won't be posting more writing here.  No, that doesn't mean I'm completely abandoning the site, but it does mean my activity here will be limited.

For those of you interested in what I'm doing, I have a blog:

For those of you who would like to interact with me and/or read my writing I'm active on the Lighthouse Refuge Forum:…

For the rest of you, I WILL be around occasionally.  About as much as I'm around now.  So yeah, I'll see all of you!

EditBy the way:
Raging Water is gone!  Yes, I know I've been threatening this forever, but since I've started on the rewrite, it needed to happen.  This means if did not read it while it was up and you still want to, you need to contact me, or write me a note or something.



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